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Our Little Library

For those experiencing the loss of a partner, there may be times when you wonder about "your new normal". What do I do now? How am I going to cope? Am I doing this right? How do I start to heal? Will I ever feel joy again?

We have a small collection of books that members of our group are welcome to borrow. Our library covers a range of topics including:

  • 100 Practical Ideas after your Husband or Wife dies

  • Option B - Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy

  • The Panic Button - A Guide to Neutralising Worry, Overthinking and Anxiety

  • Meditations to Calm your Mind and Restore your Spirit

  • Note to Self: The Secrets of Calm

  • Techniques of Grief Therapy

  • I Wasn't Ready to say Goodbye - Coping with the Sudden Death of a Loved One

  • Helping your Child Understand Death

  • I Didn't Know What to Say - Being a Better Friend to those who Experience Loss

  • Living with It - A Survivor's Guide to Panic and Anxiety

  • When your Soulmate Dies

  • The Art of Self-Kindness - Being your own Best Friend

  • Grief Works - Stories of Life, Death and Surviving

If you are interested in learning more about the books in our collection, please feel free to text the Group phone on 0452 537 806 and we can bring some of the books to one of our Catch-ups.

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