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Past musings

Loss of a partner is mind numbingly unimaginable loss and takes a toll on all. Unfortunately no one can give you healing. They can facilitate that feeling but You need to initiate the actions - YOU CHOOSE TO GET PROFESSIONAL HELP - If you don't like them - find another one- DO IT LATER IN YOUR PATH OF LOSS if need to

Find a community of care where you get practical and emotional support ,

ASK friends not TO JUDGE OR SOLVE- JUST LISTEN, accept help when you need .

EE a Gp FOR MENTAL HEALTH OR CHRONIC HEALTH PLAN, exercise , deep breath, meditate for peace THESE NEED TO BE REGULAR AND DISCIPLENED which in grief is hard with exhaustion and new physical pains- you might do this early or later.

any healing options - walk in nature , bake , throw some things, write the life you shared the memories you need to keep.

Find a support group to Listen and share our pain is a great way to heal. One issue came up recently about acceptance of death we do need to accept and acknowledge all the losses that get revealed but acceptance does not mean you have to like it.

Lets dispel the myth that You are not accepting the death if still grieving .If you are attempting to heal you are accepting the losses and becoming a new identity

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