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Join the Conversation! Discovering Podcasts

I’m not sure when I discovered podcasts, but sometimes it’s great to put the headphones on and listen to a podcast during a quiet moment, or while I’m doing housework, or driving to work.  I like them because they provide a sense of connection, like you are having a conversating with someone (albeit one-sided!). They are often a quick listen, and there are so many podcasts on various topics so there’s bound to be something that sparks your interest!


I have found several podcasts about widowhood, where other widowed people share their experiences, challenges and strategies.  To hear that other people are going through the same emotions, or going through similar challenges, can help validate your emotions and experiences.  Which honestly, most people won’t really understand unless they’ve also lost their spouse!   


I will share below some of the podcasts about widowhood I’ve listened to from time to time.  Please remember that we have all different experiences, and our grief is very individual.  We also have very individual tastes.  You may like some of these podcasts, or they may not be your thing.  You might prefer more serious and educational podcasts, or ones that are based on interviews with other widows, or maybe you prefer the podcasts that are delivered with a bit of light-hearted humour and straight-up tell it how it is (and possibly may not be suitable for young ears!).



The Widow Podcast by Karen Sutton

The Widow Podcast is for people experiencing the loss of a life partner, who are looking for hope and support whilst navigating their way through this traumatic life event.  Karen shares the emotional and practical ways to come through the trauma and take steps to begin to thrive. This is the show for you to learn how to accept your emotions, gain a sense of hope and give yourself permission to create a life of peace and balance.


Every Widow Thing by Whitney, Keira, Holly and Lacey

Four widows talk about life after death can seem impossible, overwhelming, and just sad. We get it. Only people who have experienced this kind of loss can truly understand. We share our experiences, show you what grief looks like a year from now, or 2 or 6...even 10 for not only you but your family. Every Widow Thing will remind you that you are stronger than you think and that this grief does get less deep, less dark, and less often.


The Young Widow Podcast by Britany Rivera

A podcast designed for the young widower, the one struggling to figure out what “life” means without their person. The young widow that feels like she doesn’t belong in the widow group because she is at an earlier point in life. If you are a widow yearning for connection to other widows and trying to understand how to navigate life, this podcast is for you.


The Widowed Parent Podcast by Jenny Lisk

The Widowed Parent podcast brings clear, practical information, resources, and support to parents who are raising grieving kids and teens. 


If these suggestions aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of others available if you search online, or by searching Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.


Are you a regular podcast listener?  What topics and podcasts do you listen to? 

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